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Why do you need us ?

Minek Systems Inc. is an information technology and business consulting company. We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our goal is to provide reliable and quality services that will solve your technology and business problems. We can work either short or long term, or provide customized service that will flexibly address your needs. Our clients are located anywhere in the world, and our rates are very reasonable.
Running this business for twelve years brought us a lot of experience and insight on how to fulfill your needs in a most effective way. We've been helping many companies in Canada and US, as various as non-profits, schools, E-Commerce startups and public companies with Fortune 500 customers.
We can work either remotely with clients located anywhere in the world, or with local clients in Vancouver, BC area.
We also offer our skills and experience with managing outsourced projects, with developers or designers located in China or Russia.
In particular, we can help with:

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  • WCB, Richmond

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