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SMS Messaging Solutions: SMS, Voice and TTS

SMS Matrix Messaging Solutions is enabling wireless solutions for the enterprise customer across your vertical market, customized specifically to match the real-time needs of your business.
As a pioneer of the wireless industry, we continue to innovate many of the technologies that power the wireless revolution.
We enable any wireless device, anytime, anywhere to receive the critical information necessary to effectively operate your organization. SMS Matrix provides:

SMS Matrix do so by creating customized, fully secure solutions tailored to meet the demands of enterprise customers and their specific needs. These solutions integrate with existing applications and information, freeing them from the boundaries of a desktop. Our solutions have the same look, the same feel and the same ingenuity a business and their employees have already come to expect - only now they also exist in the wireless domain, one where critical, real-time information can be sent and received 24x7x365.
SMS Matrix Messaging Solutions increases productivity and profitability for your organization by enabling your employees while away from their desktops.
SMS Group Messaging Solutions converts countless hours of wasted time and effort to acquire information from your company's Intranet, Internet and corporate network into a system where information can now be gathered and implemented, wirelessly and instantly.
SMS Matrix Messaging Solutions allows for true workforce automation by creating a real-time world without boundaries in which to automate.
SMS Marketing Solution can be applied to practically any business model and can also be used by government agencies and non-profit organizations. Businesses can promote a positive image by fulfilling customer needs in a personalized, quick, efficient and flexible way. Mobile SMS Marketing is a really worthwhile investment. It can bring you the benefits of a solution that expands customer relationships and increases profitability.
SMS Matrix Messaging Solutions can protect your company's eCommerce investments by instantly, wirelessly alerting network administrators to a server that has gone down.
SMS Matrix Messaging Solutions operates in the same real-time world as the financial industry , an instantaneous world that can enhance the value of any financial services organization by enabling wireless transactional and critical informational capabilities.
SMS and Voice Messaging Solutions for Healthcare can even save lives, providing real-time, critical patient information to Healthcare professionals researching patient history and drug information.
Matrix SMS Gateway for group messaging provides your business a hosted messaging platform to add SMS capability to any system, application or website. It enables the capability to send SMS, Voice and Text-to-Speech messages from any application.

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