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System Integration for E-Commerce Operations

One of our customers we've been providing IT Consulting services for, was in retail/wholesale business for years, and decided to expand their business model and start selling online.
Their existing IT system(s) had to be integrated with E-Commerce solution: to ensure smooth data flow between different departments of their organisation.
For example: when purchase has been made via the online store, the real-time inventory has to be updated.
If goods are running low on inventory, a notification to the purchasing department should be sent.
Electronic invoice has to be generated and appropriate data in the accounting system has to be created.
Shipping department has to receive detailed information about the customer and the order.
Customer address entry needs to be added to the shipping system.
Sale reports need to be updated so managers can see in real time how business is going (daily/weekly/monthly sales, bestsellers, etc..).
To make system like this working well, requires not only IT knowledge, but also the understanding of the business process. It has to be easy to run and maintain, at low overall cost. Smooth integration of all involved departments, their business processes and IT systems, will ensure smooth and fast turnaround, and will save your business a lot of time and money.
Of course it is not easy to find IT solution from one vendor that will cover ALL your needs (after all one size DOES NOT fit all); that's where we can help. Our expertise will allow us to seamlessly integrate various pieces of software and make them work together, or to develop pieces that are missing.
Most of business owners don't even know that these things can be done, and they struggle endlessly with inefficient, outdated, overhyped and expensive IT solutions. We've been often proposing this and similar solutions in our IT Consulting services to our E-Commerce customers.

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