Data Structures and Algorithms
Laboratories - 1999

Preliminary: Watch the Web pages for changes!


Thursday, 9 am AG13
Thursday, 2 pm E269


A tutor will be available in the laboratory on three afternoons every week in G.50 to assist you with assignments for PLSD210 (as well as other second year IT subjecsts): watch the Web pages for the actual times.


Actual assignment specifications and deadlines will be set at the beginning of semester.
Assignment 1August 30, 10pm
Assignment 3
preliminary - for feedback only
September 23
Assignment 3 - finalOctober 13, 10pm (soft)
Assignment 3 - finalOctober 20, 10pm (hard)
Assignment 4October 20, 10pm

Please note the 10pm deadlines: if you haven't finished by then, you have 24 hours before you incur any further penalty. It is strongly suggested that you go home, sleep and tackle any remaining problems with a clear head! It's likely that clear thinking will compensate for your late penalty, whereas 'hacking' will only add to it!

Assignment 3 (preliminary) is strongly advised: it will not be graded, but failure to have your specification checked before proceeding will almost certainly lose marks for assignment 3 itself!

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