Data Structures and Algorithms

Submitting Assignments

You can use the same procedure that you used for CLP110 assignments (or the similar facility that should be available for the Unix machines by second semester).
  1. go to one of the NT machines in 1.51 (there are some in other labs also)
  2. ftp the files you want to submit from wherever you prepared them,
  3. use the submission program (submit) you can see sitting on the desk top.

    The submission program tells you at each step what it wants you to do, so you shouldn't have any trouble with it. If you stuff it up (to use a favourite expression of one of your classmates), the submission program will not let you try again with the same assignment code, so I have created assignment codes xA (where x is the assignment number). We will ignore submissions in the original area if we find one in the "A" area, eg if you submit assignment 3 and find that you've made an error, simply make a complete new submission to the 3A area. When we find the one in the 3A area, we will throw away the one in the 3 area.

This will make the process almost paperless and hopefully a little more efficient. An annotated copy of the report file will be emailed back to you with your mark.

If you have problems, email me with some details of the problem. You can either print out your submission and hand it in normally or copy it to a floppy disc and hand that in. In any case, if you email me advising of a problem, you can hand it in before Tuesday's lecture with no penalty.


The obligatory FAQ section

No Submit Icon on your desktop?

Follow these simple instructions:

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