Data Structures and Algorithms
Getting these notes


A gzipped tar file of all the notes and animations is available here. It's about 6 Mbytes, so please don't ask for it to be email'd to you - especially if you're using a free mail host such as hotmail: it won't fit!

If you place these notes on a public (or semi-public) server anywhere, then please leave the attributions to all the authors in the front page. I'd appreciate it if you'd also let me know where they've been placed - it's nice to know that your work is getting lots of exposure ;-).


The animations alone (including the Java source code used to generate them) are available here.


If your decompression program (most will work: gunzip on Linux and WinZip under Windows are known to be fine) complains about a corrupted file, I suggest fetching it again, making doubly sure that the transfer is taking palce in binary mode.

Some browsers try to be too smart about file types and try to decompress everything automatically. If this is happening and causing problems for you, then try a different browser - or try to download the file onto your machine without decompression first.

If you have problems accessing the files, email me giving me as much information about the problem as possible and I will try to help, but don't expect much from a simple "I can't download your files".

John Morris

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