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Introductory courses

These courses were published at the time RedHat7.2 occured. You can view a snapshot of the new improved Linux basics system administration course, which discusses more subjects in more detail and has a lot more exercises. I leave the first versions here as a community service, because lots of people are still visiting them. Which is a sensible thing to do, because you will at least have a grasp of basic Unix concepts, which have been the same for the last 30 years.

If you have any troubles after reading these books, let me help you by filling out this form.

You may also try this booklist which is slightly more meaningful.

More basics

For the real dummies: I teach in Dutch, French and English, any place, any time, any architecture, and I make custom Unix/Linux courses on demand. Hire me, I'm the best!

If you want more, see the CoreSequence web site.

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